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Summer Romance



Hello Y’all!

It’s been a while since I blog… I spent the month of May and June resting and testing some new dessert ideas.. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer 🙂 It is an unbearably HOT summer here in Atlanta!

Anyway, I’m back with my newest creation! It’s a cake for Andy and Angie’s engagement party.. Congrats once again for the happy and stylish couple 😉

The two tiered cake was had me worried at first because I’ve never done some of the things before, such as making sugar peony, painting directly onto a cake, and making a ring box! But a challenge is what’s keeping me to get more creative and experienced every time 😀 A BIG shout out to my interns/ lil’ helpers for keeping me calm during this cake making process: Gabriel Tunggala, Jessica Ongko, and Tiffany Virginia! Y’all are awesome 🙂

The top tier cake is red velvet with cream cheese icing. The detailing of the cake is gold hand painting (thank you Gabby for being brave!). The Ring box was suppose to match the original Angie’s Cartier ring box. Of course the ring was not the real ring 😉 And Thank you to my husband who practiced writing “Cartier” for half an hour just to help me wrote it on the ring box.

The bottom tier is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. The detailing was a lace-y leaves which add the romantic factor of the cake. And the flower! It an red oriental peony sugar flower with gold stamens.

I was glad that the couple were happy with the cake and so were the guests… I wish nothing but the best for the happy couple! Cheers to Andy and Angie 🙂