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It’s the big 40! Which means the new 20 🙂

Ci Emile’s birthday was last Saturday and her brother and sister in law wanted to surprise her for the big 40 birthday! So if you see the cake, it’s pretty obvious that ci Emile works for Remax and she helps people buy and sell houses… (That’s how I bought my house so she is highly recommended!)

Rica (the sis-in-law) had the idea of having a remax sign with SOLD writing on it and so I made mini (literally!) house out of lapis surabaya to accompany the sign 😉 and we thought of a house theme around the cake . Also I made a miniature version of ci Emile, smiling after she sold a house 😀

Rica told me that cii Emiile loves coffee so I made her coffee flavor cake with coffee pastry cream and coffee buttercream filling! Super yum for coffee lovers!

Ci Emile, Happy birthday to you and I always wish you for more success in your career 🙂