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Secretly Romantic


 Would you love it when somebody wants to order something from you and they give you an ultimate freedom? The sentence: "It’s up to you…" makes you either really happy and can’t wait to get creative or makes you so confused because you don’t know what to do 🙂

Well of course I’m happy and I decided to try out something I’ve never done before in cake world… Unfortunately there was something missing in this picture 🙁 My first handmade sugar flower! Yeah, I’ve never made sugar flower before and I thought this is the first time I can incorporate it into the cake… I made a pink peony flower but sadly it wasn’t perfect enough for this cake… (I’ll post the picture of my sugar flower later).. So to make it picture perfect, I decided to use a pretty red silk flower.

Oh! And one more NEW thing is the lace imprint fondant! Did you notice it? It was like a lace fabric but it’s fondant! It’s pretty cool, right? 

You may wonder… Who is this cake for?

Well, as I said on the Title.. Its a SECRET! haha! 😛 All I can tell you, the person who ordered the cake wanted to surprise a friend for her birthday! Awww… 

And what’s better than a chocolate cake for a surprise? The inside is chocolate cake with ganache and vanilla rum buttercream. 

I hope she enjoyed the cake 🙂 And Happy Birthday!