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Princess Michelle turns 3


Michelle, a shy little princess turns 3 on Sunday! She’s so cute with her dazzling beautiful red gown coming down the stairs with her hands covering her face because everybody is looking at the birthday girl 🙂 What a precious moment…

When I brought in the castle cake, she was just carefully looking at the cake and quietly happy 😀 

Her sister, Ria, requested a pink castle cake and she wants Veggie Tales +princess theme incorporated. Also she told me the balloon colors are pink and silver, so I tried to combine all the princess-y color to the castle. I love the glittery cone detail and all the Veggie Tales family 🙂 The princess on the top tier is Princess Sweet Pea from the Veggie Tales

I don’t know if you can see it or not, but all castle surface has a brick texture and the grey fondant on the bottom has a cobble stone texture. The brown doors also have like a woodsy texture. And I love making the Ivy wall with little flowers! It just seems so castle-y 😛

I hope Michelle is happy to get this castle cake and all the gifts! Thanks Ria who always trusts me and gives me full creativity freedom 😀

Also, Ria ordered mini cupcakes for the kids and I can’t forget the way Michelle looked at the cupcakes! Slowly and quietly just took one carrot cupcake and started licking the cream cheese icing! And shyly smile… Happy Birthday Michelle!