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Mr. Sponge Bob Square Pants cake



I must tell you that I had so much fun making this cake! Not only because it’s a sponge bob cake, but also because I made the cake with my new interns 🙂 Love them! 

This cake is kinda tricky because I have to make the sides wavy and the "sponge bob face and expression" has to be perfect! But I’m really happy with the end product.. I love the little tie, little socks with stripes, and the "i’m so ready to go to work" face 🙂 Kudos to my interns!

This cake is for Nicholas and he was gonna celebrate it on Sunday at the church but sadly, his brother had a stomach flu so the whole family decided to stay at home 🙁 Butttt, his mom (who is super sweet) said he’s gonna be super happy when  sees the cake even if they have to celebrate at home. The inside is vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.