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Miami Heat!


It’s a happy day for Abraham Tunggala because his lovely girlfriend just gave him a sweet surprise for his birthday. I’m sure this cake is only one of them 🙂

Bram turns 21! Yeah! Happy birthday Bram!

His girlfriend, Juju, asked me to make a basketball related cake for Bram and this is what we came up with 😉 I asked Juju what is Bram’s favorite basketball team and she didn’t know! But I asked her to find out so I can match the jersey color with the team color. It was Miami Heat! So the home jersey is white and red, with yellow and black accents.

Thanks to my husband that helped me with the Miami Heat logo, the basketball on fire thingy… He saw me frustrated doing it and decide to help me.  He actually had a good art skill too 😛

Another detail that Juju requested was the Margarita toast, something that symbolize being 21! LOL! So I made him a cosmopolitan with olive garnish 😉

The inside was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Bram loves anything chocolate, Juju said hehehe.

So hopefully you had a wonderful birthday celebration ( I know you did!) and hope you like the cake, Bram! Cheers!