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Long Overdue: Part 1


I know it’s been a while since I blog on my sweet creations… And I think I have a “Valid” reason to do so LOL.. Many of you have known that I’m pregnant (and now in the Week 22!) and so you know how that first trimester treated you 😉 But fortunately it didn’t stop me from doing cakes and other stuff.. I’m having a wonderful time in my pregnancy so far.. And you know I really enjoy all the pregnancy perks and sweet treatments from my hubby, who is the bestest of the best 😀

So… I’m gonna post some pictures of the cake orders from these past few months..

This was from Yanti’s baby shower… And baby Kai now is already born and growing fast! As you can see the theme is birdy bird.. There were centerpiece cakes, lemon cupcakes, macarons, and bird cake pops…

And here’s a picture of me and the beautiful “mom to be” back then hehehe

Ok next event,

I made this Motorcycle Tire Cake for ci Emile’s husband who turns 40 years young!

The next cake is a very fun cake to make.. It’s a Nike basketball shoe for Richard’s swag birthday!

I’ll see you guys on the next blog… Long Overdue: Part 2!