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Hush hush baby…


Babies crying? It”s not so bad when they taste delicious 😛 

These cupcakes were for Melati”s Baby Shower this past Sunday… It”s for baby Michiko 🙂 What a cute name, right?

Claudia wanted to surprise Melati with delicious and cute cupcakes for her baby shower. When Claudia told me that I can make whatever cupcakes I want, I totally went all out with the flavors and design! Thanks for trusting me so much Mbodee (Claudia nickname hehehe)!

So the crying babies cupcakes were banana foster cupcakes.. It;s banana flavor cupcake with actual banana foster chunk in it and it”s filled with rum pastry cream! Awhh YUM!

Ok, next!

 Those are greentea babies! It”s green tea cupcakes, filled with adzuki beans casino and whipped cream. Another yumminess! 

This one is chocolate goodness cupcake! It”s chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate mousse and a surprised crunchy chocolate pearls! And actually I made 2 versions of Chocolate cupcakes. The other version is Chocolate cupcakes filled with Coffee Pastry Cream! And… topped it with edible CocaCola bottle cap! Melati LOVES CocaCola 😀

This one is… Strawberry Mascarpone Cupcake! It”s sooooo GOOD! It”s vanilla cupcake filled with chunks of fresh strawberry and mascarpone cream. Topped with whipped cream and more fresh strawberry.. Who doesn”t like mascarpone cheese, right?!

I had sooo much fun making these cupcakes! I love it when I can experiment with new things and people loved it! Thanks again Mbodee for ordering these cupcakes! And Congrats to Melati! Can”t wait to see baby Michiko 🙂