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The birthday boy just found a new love in golf! His wife, Lieana, just told me a bunch of things that Di likes… Gold, games, cars…. And I’m thinking, there’s now way I can incorporate everything in one cake.. So I just chose his new found love… Golf! And somehow, I relate Golf with Argyle sweater 😀 So there it was… An argyle pattern on the side of the cake..

Lieana contacted me the day before his birthday and said that she wanted a simple cake for his “30th birthday”. But whoops! He was actually only 29 😉 So, there was a last minute change on the number on the little flag… Later that night, Lieana texted me saying how everybody enjoyed the cake 🙂

The inside was Lapis surabaya cake with Strawberry jam and Vanilla Rum Buttercream..

I hope you will be a pro golfer soon Di and I’m wishing you for a great year ahead!