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Green Crocodile Birkin for birthday?


Unfortunately it wasn’t for my birthday 😀 But for my close friend, Ria!

Her sweet friend, Windy, wanted to surprise her by adding one more color to her Hermes bag collection. How sweet 🙂 She said she wants something exotic in texture and this is what she came up with. A vibrant green-crocodile skin Birkin bag!

I’ve never made any textured purse before so this was the first! I carved each and every one of the lines and shaped the cake as close as possible to the original one… This was a labor of LoVE!

The inside was dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Ria said that her baby sister was trying to grab the purse handle by her hands because she thought it was real 🙂 Awww… 

I hope you had a great birthday Ri! Enjoy His favor and blessings for you always 🙂 Love ya!