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Going Strong!


It’s been a month since my last blog… Because… It’s been some busy weeks! And this holiday season is gonna get busier 🙂 Actually this cake was from last month but I haven’t had a chance to write a blog about it.

Anyway… This cake is for my church’s 11th Anniversary Celebration and as you can see on the picture (or not really :P), I’m wearing a Going Strong T-shirt and there’s a Going Strong Logo on the cake also… It’s our theme for these couple of years 🙂

3 Layers Cake and each layer is different flavor and different theme… The first layer is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Maybe you can’t really see the yellow IFGF Logo on the side..

The middle layer is mocha cake with mocha buttercream… And as I said before, there’s Going strong writing… I have to give my intern, Gabby Tunggala a shoutout! She did an awesome job PAINTING the writing on fondant! Go Gabby!

The bottom layer is Lapis Surabaya Cake with Vanilla Rum buttercream… And the design is actually the 10 Visions of IFGF. I have the pictures printed on Edible Frosting paper and cut it one by one to make it looked like they were framed.

So EVERY part of this cake is edible! Except the candle of course… And I had fun doing this cake with my interns who have been helping me tremendously! Naomi, Gabby, and Thirda.. Thank you 🙂