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About Me

Hello! Welcome to Simply Irresistible!

My name is Nita and Simply Irresistible is my sweet creations. Here’s some things maybe you would like to know more about me 🙂

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia but I was born and raised in Indonesia. I lived in Indonesia up until highschool year and continued my education at Oklahoma State University studying Fashion Merchandising. I pursued my Fashion career in San Francisco working as an Assistant for a senior Sales person in Giorgio Armani boutique. It’s a wonderful and changing experience to work there. But after a year working there, I felt like “Fashion world” was not my calling in life. Now… As you know I LOVE to eat, especially something sweet… My family in Indonesia has always been foodie family and my Mom has the most influence in my cooking/ baking life. She is the best cook and baker ever! And… all the creative gene I inherit from her as well 🙂

After San Francisco, I went back to Indonesia for a few months and then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and decided to go to Culinary School. Well mainly I moved to Atlanta to be with my boyfriend (now husband) that I love very much. To be honest, I didn’t learn much at school but I thank God for every people in that school that open so many doors of opportunities that make me who I am today. After I went to culinary school and got married, I interned at a pastry/cake shop in Atlanta. In that 6 months of intern, I learned so much about baking and decorating. That experience made me want to be a baker and cake decorator. 

So, now here I am! Always want to create something sweet for people, whether they’re celebrating something or just craving for something sweet!