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A snake isn’t always a scary thing


Guess what Meri wants to surprise her BF with? that’s right! A snake cake! At first I was so scared to imagine how to do the actual cake… (and imagining the "im-gonna-eat-you" face). But after she sent me an sample snake image, I was kinda feel relieved because she wants a cutesy and happy snake. Because the snake is going to have a party hat with a blower thingy :). 

Still I was nervous of making the actual body and face. You know that I can’t just carve a cake to shape like that because it’s gonna fall apart eventually! And plus, she’s going to bring the cake in the airplane to Miami to surprise her BF (awwww…). So that made me even more nervous because I don’t want the cake to crumble in the middle of the plane and ruin the surprise plan…

So, I decided to try something I’ve never tried before… I only saw this in a Cake Challenge on Food Network! But I decided to make the snake out of rice krispy treats! And I was so glad I experiment with it. Not only it tastes super delicious (I had "some" for snacking :P), but it was pretty easy to mold. And after drying overnight, it became hard. But still I put some supports in the cake and in the rice krispies. 

I was so thankful my husband helped me mold the snake and he even helped with the fondant-ing work 🙂 Anyway I’m so glad it turned out to be okay and the cake was save in the airplane and all the way to Miami! What an experience! Definitely the most challenging cake yet!

Thanks Meri for trusting me to make this cake and hopefully he was pleasantly surprise with everything 🙂