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Viky and Yeni’s Wedding Cake


 First of all, Congratulations to Viky and Yeni for your wedding! 

I had the honor to make their most special cake to remember 🙂 Thank you! 

This cake sure wasn’t your traditional wedding-ish cake because their theme color were ivory and teal! YES, teal! I found it very tricky to incorporate teal-colored flower onto the cake but with help from Tante Susie (Vina’s mom), she made it complete 🙂 Big shout out for Tante Susie!

The base of the cake was ivory colored fondant and all the "2-D" flower details were made from fondant. I love it because it added elegant touch and texture to the cake…

Viky and Yeni also ordered Lapis Surabaya for their guests. She said when the party finished, everybody was trying to "compete" to bring some cakes home. 😀 I’m so glad they love it! 

Thank you again Viky and Yeni for letting me be a part of your most special day! I wish you a joyful and blessed marriage life 🙂

By the way, picture on the right is courtesy of Enmuse Art Photography!