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5 Days and 40 Something Hours later…


Last week I took a Sugar Flower class at International Sugar Art Collection with Chef Nicholas Lodge. I wanted to learn how to make sugar flowers for wedding cakes

Those long hours sitting (just like in a classroom) for 8 hours or more daily… HAVE-TO-CONCENTRATE! feeling at 2 or 3 pm… BUT, seeing all the finished sugar flowers, it was such a great satisfaction 🙂

I’ve never made any sugar flower before in my life so this is for sure an eye opening and very useful class I’ve ever taken! Before I started this class, I didn’t know that Chef Nicholas Lodge is THAT famous for teaching Sugar Flowers! People from all over the states and even other countries came to the class just wanting to learn from the best! How awesome, right?! I feel so privileged to live in Atlanta!

Chef Nicholas was very skillful in showing us step-by-step procedure for making these sugar flowers. He’s been making sugar flower since 10 years old! His tips and tricks are SO VERY useful and invaluable 🙂

The parts of this class that I didn’t like  were taping the wires (UGH!) and making the buds of the flower… But you got to learn everything, right? 

My favorite part of this class: Seeing all the painted and finished flowers on Day 5, Being able to learn from the best, Meeting new friends (mostly are from the Cake business as well so we can exchange tips and tricks), and Cookie time at 3PM 😀

My partner was Jocelyn from Canada! Shout out to you! She’s a very lovely lady and very fast! Here’s a picture I took with her..

And here’s a picture with Chef Nicholas…

Thank you for teaching me a lifetime knowledge Chef Nicholas! 

And now… I’m ready to receive more Wedding cake orders 😉